Campbell Amusements owns and operates an assortment of more than forty-five rides and concessions.

To meet the market’s expectations, new rides are added to keep the selection up-to-date and they are all transported by a logistics system of over thirty tractors totaling over 120 pieces of equipment on the seasonal tour.

Two touring units cover about forty fairs, festivals and shopping centre shows all over Central and Eastern Canada every season.

Campbell Amusements has played many of Canada’s biggest shows: The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), The Ottawa Exhibition, PEI Provincial Exhibition, L’Expo de Trois-Rivieres (Three-Rivers Expo), South Shore Exhibition, The Paris Fair, Rockton’s World Fair, The Western Fair and Quebec Expo, just to name a few.


A team of Class “A”, in-house mechanics tend to all machinery and equipment year-round, which are subject to TSSA annual inspection, as well as numerous ‘spot checks’ by the national safety board while in operation over the high season.

The Campbell team routinely performs all maintenance and refurbishing to the fleet of vehicles and rides.

As part of the Maintenance and Repair Program, all equipment and vehicles are painted before the launch of every season and clearly marked with a company logo, for quality assurance, longevity and pride in our business. Daily, the Campbell crew cleans and polishes equipment and checks all lights and electrical work as part of the Program.

All signage for rides and concession are done professionally and bilingually where necessary.


The Campbell family takes its safety seriously and strives to ensure a worry-free environment for family entertainment at all its show sites. Danny Campbell was actually a member of the board that created the national test for the Operators and Attendants in Amusement, Recreation and Sport and has also gained Level 2 Inspector training and certification from the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO). Campbell shows make for a safe carnival and midway – the kind of safety that Danny Campbell demands for his own children is the same security that all parents and guardians can count on coming to a Campbell Amusements show.

All ride foremen are required to complete a daily logbook for each ride before the show opening time. Any anomaly is reported immediately and corrective measures are taken.

All trained personnel are monitored by ride foremen so any safety issue that may arise can be dealt with swiftly. Foremen are updated on manufacturing modifications of the machinery and lead personnel in the implementation of any required operations changes.

Logbooks are subject to audit at any time to any TSSA Inspector.

Operations are constantly monitored on the show grounds by Danny and Don Campbell.

Game safety is also guaranteed. All midway games, whether they are housed within a trailer or what the industry describes as a “canvas structure” are all colour-coded to have orange and white vinyl, certified flame-resistant tops. Each game’s physical structure is professionally framed and their electrical boxes approved by the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario (ESA).

In addition to the investment in and commitment to maintenance and personnel qualification, insurance coverage is comprehensive and a top company priority.