Campbell Amusements has taken the initiative to making your fair experience even more green!

Our rides and attractions are:

  • phasing out incandescent lights for LED
  • fitting our generators with the Combustion Catalyst System by Emissions Technology Inc.
  • Continue to recycle consumer waste at fairs and events

Campbell Amusements is always looking ahead and transitioning ourselves into a sustainable and green operation.

We plan to continue entertaining for generations to come, so we invest in our future by:

  • Providing local jobs and training our staff well to encourage continuity of service and continued job creation
  • Stocking the most up-to-date games, rides and merchandise to maintain the interest and enthusiasm of fair-goers
  • Committing our operations to sustainability: reducing our energy consumption and emissions output by changing from incandescent lights to LED and fitting our generators with the Combustion Catalyst System by Emissions Technology Inc., so burning cleaner and enforcing a recycling program on the grounds. (Eg. The Ferris Wheel with incandescent lights required 150 amps of power; with LED lights, it requires 15. Replacing the lights was a $75,000 investment – a sustainable immediate cost when considering energy and dollar savings in the long-term.)

Each year, Campbell Amusements visit the carnival industry tradeshows all over North America in search of fresh ideas and trend-setting equipment. They see the newest games and rides in action and plot their market trends carefully so that each year, their show reaches new levels of dynamic family entertainment.

Reading our market and seeing the increasing popularity of Family Style Rides, appealing to both adults and children alike, has resulted in a purchasing trend over the last few years and we are happy with the results. Now, more than ever before, your trip to the fair can be a true family group activity and you can have more of an opportunity to watch your children’s experience and thrill at the show.

We want to make your time at our show memorable and know that these moments are ones your family will talk about for years. To commemorate your experience at Campbell Amusements shows, we offer the best and most crowd-pleasing merchandise as we are always on the lookout for good quality, popular prize items.

Campbell Amusements is a part of your family story and the fantastic fun times you spend together.

Did You Know?

  • Campbell Amusements has been recycling garbage at the fair for over 8 years!
  • Campbell Amusements works all year round to continue their green initiave and maintain stellar safety record. Two (green) thumbs up!